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8 Robert de Quincey Knight
b: abt 1127 in of, Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, England
m: abt 1153 in of, Buckby, Hampshire, England
d: bef 29 Sep 1197 in , , , England
4 Saher IV of Winchester Quincy Earl
b: 1155 in of, Winchester, Hampshire, England
m: abt 1176 in of, Winchester, Hampshire, England
d: 3 Nov 1219 in Crusade, Damietta, HolyLand journey, Palestine
9 Orabella of Mar de Leuchars Countess
b: abt 1133 in of, Leuchars, Fifeshire, Scotland
d: 1181
2 Robert de Quincy
b: 1181 in of, Cuincy, Normandy, France
m: abt 1207 in of, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England
d: Aug 1257 in London, London, Middlesex, England
10 Robert III Blanchmains of Leicester Beaumont Earl
b: abt 1130 in of, Beaumont, , France
m: abt 1155 in of, , Leicestersh., England
d: 31 Aug 1190 in , Durazzo, West Albania, Greece
5 Margaret of Beaumont of Winchester Harcourt Countess
b: abt 1160 in of, , Hampshire, England
d: 12 Jan 1235
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11 Petronille of Leicester Grentmesnil Countess
b: abt 1136 in of, Leicester, Leicestershire, England
d: 1 Apr 1212 in Leicester, Leicestershire, Leicestershire, England
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1 Margaret de of Lincoln Quincy Countess
b: 1208 in of, Lincoln, Lincoln, England
m: 1223 in of, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England
d: 1258 in , Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England
12 Ranulph des Meschines of Chester Gernon Earl
b: abt 1110 in of, Gernon Castle, Normandy, France
m: bet 1141 and 1145 in of, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
d: 16 Dec 1153 in Gresley Castle, , Derbyshire, England
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6 Hugh of Meschines of Chester Kevelioc Earl
chr: Oct 1147 in Kevelioc, Merionethshire, Wales
m: 1169 in of, Montfort, Normandy, France
d: 30 Jun 1181 in , Leek, Staffordshire, England
13 Matilda Maud of Gloucester Fitz Robert Countess
b: abt 1120 in of, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
d: 29 Jul 1189 in , Chester, Cheshire, England
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3 Hawise des Meschines of Lincoln Kevelioc Countess
b: 1180 in , Chester, Cheshire, England
d: 1243
14 Simon II le Chauve Montfort Count
b: abt 1121 in of, Montfort-sur-Ris, Eure, France
m: abt 1150 in of, Montfort, Eure, France
d: 13 Mar 1181 in , , , France
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7 Bertrade of Chester Montfort Countess
b: 1155 in of, Montfort, Chester, England
d: 12 Jul 1189 in Evreux, Evreux, Eure, France
15 Maud of Evreux Countess
b: abt 1130 in of, Paris, Seine, France
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