Photos of
Ezra T. Benson

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1853 etching by Frederick Piercy
Montage of First Presidency
and Twelve. Courtesy of
LDS Museum of History and Art
The complete montage
Based on daguerreotypes
by Marsena Cannon
Courtesy LDS

Daguerreotype, 1850s
Probably by Marsena Cannon
From Archival Photography
Daguerreotype, 1850s
Probably by Marsena Cannon
From Archival Photography
Daguerreotype, 1850s
Probably by Marsena Cannon
From LDS Archives

Carte de visite
no penciling, not
much retouching,
Courtesy of Diane P. Colston
Cabinet card,
more heavily penciled
Courtesy of Zetta Peterson

Pencil-crayon enlargment
26 x 30 inches
Courtesy of Zetta Peterson

From Harper's Weekly
vol. 10 no. 503
(18 Aug. 1866), p. 520
Cabinet card
LDS Historical Department

Carte de visite
Courtesy LDS
Historical Department
Painting by Enoch Wood Perry
Courtesy LDS Museum
of History and Art.

The "Old Sow"
In July 1847 Ezra T. Benson
delivered one of the first sermons
given in the Salt Lake Valley
standing on this cannon
Museum of Church History and Art

Three views of Ezra T. Benson's home in Great Salt Lake City

Top view, looking southwest, is by W. W. Majors, 1852 (Benson home is no. 6).
Tithing office (Hotel Utah and Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg site) is no. 5, Council House is no. 7.
Majors may have included the Benson house before it was completed.

Center view, looking southeast, is by Frederick Piercy, 1853
This also includes the tithing office (left) and the Council House (right).
In Piercy's view the home appears to be either smaller or under construction.

Bottom view, also looking southeast, is a model in the Church Museum of History and Art (note balconies)

This is the southwest corner of South Temple and Main, where Zion's Bank now stands
on the corner immediately southeast of Temple Square.
Ezra boarded delegates to the Territorial Legislature here, and Church and Government meetings were sometimes held here.
Balconies were later added to the home. In about 1860 this became the home of Daniel H. Wells
and the site of may social occasions in early Utah.

Majors engraving courtesy of LDS Archives. Piercy engraving from Church Museum.

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