Minutes of a Conference held 6 Apr. 1849, at the Tabernacle in Kanesville, Iowa
Frontier Guardian, 18 Apr. 1849 (vol. 1 no. 6) 

“Prest. E. T. Benson spoke on the drift of emmigration. He went in for the salt instead of the gold.”

Second day, 7 Apr. 1849:

“President E. T. Benson said, he rose to bear testimony to what had been said, and to the correctness of the business that had been done. We talked about moving to the Valley, about our labor, our stock, calves, &c., because it is our religion. We are called to pass through trials and tribulations to make us perfect. Jesus passed through all these to make him perfect, yet he was without sin. I can bear affliction when I can have the sympathies and confidence of this people. We have many things to present to this Conference. Every man that has named the name of Christ wants salvation. Every man and woman must learn their duty, and not be slothful servants; spoke on anticipation and the millennium. If you want an exaltation press forward, be diligent and follow counsel. Ye Elders of Israel, what is your calling here? To hoe potatoes. But anticipate when you get to the Valley. What then? Why, you will be sent to the nations of the earth. Do you think of it? I think of it; I pray about it, and I want you to pray about it too. Before I get through I shall touch the hearts of the rich. I have some Church property to carry to the Valley, and we are going to roll it off from our shoulders and you must bear it. A year ago last fall and winter, it is known that numbers of Elders were sent to the East to collect means to help off the Presidency last Spring to the Valley. Br. Erastus Snow was traveling in New York, and I was in Pennsylvania, and when Br. Snow had been laboring in a certain Branch, and the Brethren were ready to respond to the call, a certain Elder and a good man too, gets up, and said to the Brethren, you need not respond to that call; I have been to Nauvoo, and among the Saints, and I know that when any of the authorities want anything the Brethren immediately hand it out to them. Now I mean that Elder shall eat his words. He is here in the congregation—I have seen him to-day; now let him come forward , and give some cattle, and help to roll off this property. If he don't want his name exposed, he may come privately—Nicodemus like. I believe all things will work right. And now Brethren I want you to get the good spirit. When a man has been legally baptized into this Church, he becomes a legal heir to the Holy Ghost, and need not complain of being lonesome, for he can commune with the Comforter when he is about his work. Faith is the gift of God, and there is but one principle on which he will give it. Some will say, if we carry the church property will you pay us for it? I will tell you; the man that helps us in sending the church property shall have our blessing. We want to strengthen the hands of the Brethren in the mountains; they are raising crops, and let us do our part.”


“Pres't. E. T. Benson wanted some more oxen, and moved to take up a collection to assist in carrying the church property to the Valley. (Carried.)” [There were 5 tons of equipment, including a carding machine and a printing press.]


“Pres't. E. T. Benson reported  $18 75 taken in the collection. He then called for some flour for the teamsters and other provisions.”  [Various people offer contributions, such as 100 pounds of flour and a ham, a bushel of beans, etc.]

“Pres't. E. T. Benson prayed for the blessing of Heaven to rest upon those who thus helped the cause of Zion.”

Next issue, 2 May 1849, vol. 1, no. 7

Minutes for conference for 8 Apr. 1849

“Pres't. Ezra T. Benson spoke on the text, 'OXEN,' and gave good instruction. Said that when men get so large, that they cannot be tried by any tribunal this side the Valley, they ought to go there. When a man has a pretence, that he will listen to counsel in the Valley, and will not hearken to counsel here, he gives the lie, &c.”