Synopsis of a Speech by
Elder E. T. Benson

7 Apr. 1851
Deseret News 1:239; or Journal History

“E.T. Benson said,—this morning you all voted to build a Temple; you appointed a committee to superintensd the public works; you are aware that they cannot progress without your assistance; you are aware we are the Latter-day Saints, and are the bone and sinew to roll forth the work; it is required of the presidents and quorums in this church, that they pay their tithing, and you know this has not been lived up to; I consider it a command on this people; there are some men and women who have done and will do all they can. This church will not become of age until we all pay our tithing, and live up to all the commandments binding on us; then we will be free indeed , for the gospel is the gospel of freedom. Many persons enquire, when shall we get any more revelations? I tell you we shall not get many more until we as a people observe those revelations which are already given; when we do that, we shall get more.”