Remarks at Meeting of the
Deseret Typographical Association

October 4, 1855, Great Salt Lake City, Utah Territory
Deseret News,
5:256, or Journal History, 4 Oct. 1855, p. 1 

(Note: This was an organization of typographers and printers. This meeting included a discussion of the Deseret Alphabet.)

  “Hon. Ezra T. Benson said, he considered that the object of this Association was to obtain light—to increase in the kingdom of God. This was the object of the elders of Israel in all their associations. To meet together in the capacity of an association, and express our feelings, and views, and impart such instruction as we are severally capable, is laudable, and a powerful means of increasing our fund of information. But this is not all. We want the practice as well as the theory; therefore our chief object should be to obtain practical knowledge, as well to qualify us for our duties as artists, as to endew our minds with truth and intelligence. It may be questioned whether much advantage is derived from theory and speculation. They are vague, uncertain. Let us have the reality, something that is tangible, and that will do us good. He felt confident that the blessings of the Lord would attend our effort.”