Report of a Speech by Ezra T. Benson to Handcart Pioneers

Henry Hobbs Journal for 1859

Transcript at Microfilm in LDS Archives


. . . 4 Sep Brothers Benson & Eraustus Snow met us in Camp Br Benson was glad to see me Left a Little before 8 A.M. for the valley 15 miles the Scandinavians helped the English up the Little Mountain & we Them it was a


warm Job the Chain of one of the waggons broke & rooled Some distance down the hill & tiped over we thought Shurley Some of the passengers inside would have been killed but none was hurt wile Traveling fast Through the Cannion Morrell fell & hurt himselfe he was Taken into the waggon & I pulled within 5 miles of the Valley Charles Stephens met me on horse back & Stood Treat had a number of Small Streems to cross Camped on the bench one hour for meeting Br Benson & Snow addressed us & Said when they came here there was not a House to be seen no kind friend to bid them wellcom to their Table & ask them to Eat a Hard winter to live Through perhaps the most Severe the Saints have ever experienced but Little food & Lots of grasshoppers to eat what little They raised; all these things we have not to experience but could go to the homes of our friends & get food to Sustain us & now Sayes Br

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Benson after you get Some warm biscuits & butter dont Turn up your noses as Some have done but continue to Live your religion as you have done & all your expectations Shall be realized & a Thousand Times More he Told us not to hire to anyone till we knew who They where & then we would not be Taken in by Land Sharks; After receiving These Instructions we (Started for the valley all The Horsemen in front we had not gone far before we where met by 2 bands of musick the first Tune I recognized was o ye mountains high where the clear blue Sky arches over the vales of the free & cetera. There was Thousands of Spectators who Seemed pleased to see us we passed [“by” CROSSED OUT] Through many beautiful Streets went by Brighams there was a Large crood on Top of his house Looking at us. Brigham among the rest. I was much delighted

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with the beautiful appearance of the Citty. when we reached the publick Square the bretherin played home Sweet home after being greeted by our friends. Bishop Hardy requested the Lookers on to Leave the camp So that we may get Some refreeshment but it was in vain he intreated the people to go for they would gaze upon us at length the provision was handed oute & such a variety I never Saw There was bread Butter Eggs milk Coffee tea Suggar Boiled Beeff roast beef mutton pork potatoes Cabbage Carriots onions cuccumbers Tomatoes Squash Mush Mellons water do green pees, Kidney beens, and Tarts. & cet. Sister Martin gave me & Jane an invitation to go & Sleep at Their house. . . .