Eliza Ann Perry Bensonís Children

Donald Benson Alder & Elsie L. Alder, comp., The Benson Family: The Ancestory and Descendants of Ezra T. Benson (The Ezra T. Benson Genealogical Society, Inc., 1979), pp. 152-56.

[Transcribed by Ann Potter]

Alice Eliza Benson, was the oldest child of Eliza Ann Perry Benson and Ezra T. Benson. She was born in Kanesville, Pottawattamie County Iowa in 1848 and crossed the plains with her mother and father in 1849 as a small child. She grew up in Logan, Utah where she met Henry James Goodwin who had been born in Stangroud, Huntingdonshire, England. The Goodwin family had emigrated from England to Logan. The Goodwinís religion was Church of England. James Goodwin changed his religion to L.D.S. as Alice and James were married 20 Dec 1867 at Endowment House in Salt Lake City, Ut.

On the 24th of March 1876, their oldest child, James, (born 18 Oct 1870) was christened at Logan in St. Johnís Episcopal Church, as were a number of the Goodwin children.

In the 1880 census of Logan, James Goodwin was a cattle dealer. The Goodwin brothers used to run cattle down from Montana. The Goodwins did not feel the people of Logan patronized their business, so they left and went to Baker, Oregon, some time before 1890.

The date of James Goodwinís death is not known, however, Allice Eliza Benson Goodwin (widow) died 3 June 1923 in Oregon City, (a resident of Baker City.) She is buried in Seattle, Washington.

John Perry Benson was raised by his grandmother, Grace Ann Williams Perry, in Bountiful, Utah. He married Evaline Lydia Hales and they lived in Woods Cross, Utah. He owned the Farmers Dairy and was one of the Founders of the Deseret Livestock Company. He gave financial aid to an irrigation project which diverted waters from Millcreed and North Canyon east of Bountiful which made it possible to cultivate many acres in that area. It also allowed water to be piped into the houses.

He was one of the directors of the Woods Cross Canning Company and a stockholder in the Bountiful Bank and in the Farmers State Bank at Woods Cross, Utah.

In 1890, he let his wife with six children to serve a mission in Ireland. He was a counselor in South Bountiful Ward to Bishop Richard Erastus Egan.

Evaline Lydia Hales, wife of John Perry Benson, was a true homemaker spending her time raising her family, putting up fruit from the orchard around her home and taking the milk off the cream and churning butter. Her grandchildren loved to visit with her and remember the many flowers growing around her home.

Evaline Lydia Hales Benson used to drive into Salt Lake City to go visiting and to attend the sessions at the Salt Lake Temple. She also worked in the Relief Society and in the Primary.

She died 6 Feb 1926 at Woods Cross, Utah, and she and her husband, John Perry Benson, are buried in Bountiful City Cemetery.

Malina Adelaide Benson was born in Salt Lake City, but grew up in Logan, Utah, where she met Frederick Goodwin, brother of Henry James Goodwin. Malina and Frederick were married 29 Apr 1872 at Endowment House, and their children were born in Logan, Utah. They were in Logan for the 1880 census, but this family also left Utah and went to Baker, Oregon, where her children went to school. Malina was known for her Lady Baltimore Cakes.

Frederick Goodwin, Malinaís husband, was born in England, but after their marriage they lived in Logan. In the 1880 census of Logan, he was listed as a cattle dealer. He was also in the grocery business.

A newspaper account tells of an accident of their 17 year old son Perry Goodwin. He slipped near a centrifugal extractor at the laundry where he worked and badly injured his arm. It was feared he would have to have it amputated. However, three doctors saved the badly mangled arm by sewing the tendons with gold wire. The doctors were paid two thousand dollars for their surgery on Perry.

After Malinaís death, Frederick lived with his son, Perry Goodwin and family until he died. Malina and Frederick are buried in Portland, Oregon.

Orrin Perry Benson was born 4 Oct 1853 at Salt Lake City, Utah. He was the son of Ezra T. Benson and Eliza Ann Perry. He married Harriet Louisa Williams of Logan, Utah, and they had three children. He lived in Logan many years where he was in the lumber business. He died at the home of his niece, Mrs. H. G. Egan in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is buried in Logan, Utah. Orrin Perry Benson lived the latter part of his life in Butte, Montana, where he was engaged in the mining brokerage business.

Harriet Louisa Williams, Orrinís wife, was born 7 May 1858 in Salt Lake City. She was the daughter of Benjamin Williams and Mary Watkins. In 1859 she moved to Logan with her parents as a small child. She grew up in Logan in a home built and financed by her father. She and he five sisters attended schools in Logan.

In 1876, Harriet Louisa Williams married Orrin Perry Benson in the Salt Lake Endowment House. She made her home at 238 West First South in Logan for many years. She served in the Logan First Ward Relief Society until her health failed. She was known for her interest in helping many young people who came to Logan to attend college. She died 21 Nov 1945 and is buried in Logan Cemetery.

Abbie Della Benson born 16 Oct 1862, daughter of Ezra T. Benson and Eliza Ann Perry, attended grade schools and the Brigham Young Academy in Logan. She was a beautiful singer and sang soprano in the Logan second Ward Choir. Their chorister was Melvin J. Ballard who later became one of the Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

She was a relief society visiting teacher for years, and was known for compassionate service among the sick. She kept herself, her family and her home clean at all times. She was a fine cook, her specialty being, pies.

Abbie Della Benson married Hyrum Thatcher 1 May 1884 at endowment House in Salt Lake City, Utah. Two children were born to them, Hyrum B. Thatcher and Vera Thatcher.

Abbie Della Benson Thatcher died 25 Oct 1925 and is buried in Logan, Utah.

Hyrum Joseph Thatcher was born 31 Jan 1865 in Logan, Utah. He met Abbie Della Benson at a dance. They were married in 1884. He took his bride to their home at 161 South 5th West in Logan, the only home he ever owned and they rained their family there.

He was a miller by trade working at the Thatcher Mills in Logan, he also kept accounting books for Ziff Thomas, at a hotel in Logan. Because of his work, he wasnít always able to attend his meetings, but paid his donations to the L.D.S. Church willingly. He provided for his family very well. He was full of fun and liked to tease his wife and children.

One time his son, Hyrum, and daughter, Vera, were quarreling and their father told them if they did not stop they would not get anything for Christmas. The children just laughed. Christmas morning came and they found wood and coal in their stockings, and they started to cry, but after a while their Dad brought out their Christmas presents and gave them to them. That taught them a lesson!

Hyrum Joseph Thatcher died 7 July 1906 and is buried in Logan, Utah.

Carrie Stella Benson, daughter of Eliza Ann Perry Benson & Ezra T. Benson, was born 22 May 1860 at Salt Lake City. She was baptized 6 July 1872 by a brother Lewis. She was endowed 16 Oct 1876. She married William James Price, 8 Nov 1890 in Logan, Utah. On 25 August 1891 a daughter, Vanda, was born to this couple. In 1897, Vanda, took seriously ill and died in Logan, Utah; the 15th of March 1928, Carrie died in Butte, Silver Bow, Montana. She is buried by her daughter Vanda in Logan Cemetery.

William James Price, was born in 1860 in Cefulythe, Hereford, England. He was the son of William Price and Isabella Strachan. Shortly after his brother, John Edward Price, came to America, William followed. He worked for the Union Pacific Railroad in Salt Lake City and Logan, Utah. The Price family moved to Glenns Ferry, Idaho, and he was made a locomotive engineer. Their next move was to Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada where he was employed by the Canadian Pacific Railroad. They also lived in Butte, Montana, where he worked for the Anaconda Copper Mining Company. He continued with this company until he retired. He died 23 Feb. 1928 in Butte, Montana and is buried in Logan, Utah Cemetery.

Grace Ann Benson was the youngest child of Eliza Ann Perry Benson. She was born 3` Jan 1867 in Logan, Utah. Grace Annís church activities consisted of being ward organist several times; religion class teacher, relief society teacher and secretary for many years. Before her marriage, she was a clerk in the U. O. Dry good and Mercantile Store in Logan, Utah.

Grace and he two sisters, Abbie Della and Carrie, were known in Logan as the Benson sisters trio, and were called regularly to perform. She also played the guitar and many times would accompany the trio on this instrument. Her children in her home all engaged in singing and their mother,, Grace, accompanied them on the guitar.

Grace Ann Benson married John Edward Price 1 Mar 1893 in the Logan Temple. After his death, Grace Ann married William C. Card and she is buried in Raymond, Alberta, Canada, near her daughter Lila Grace Price Rodeback.

John Edward Price was born 24 Feb 1853 in Crickhowell, Brecon, Wales, the son of William Price and Isabella Strachan. Before coming to America, he was a Barrister in England and also an assistant cashier of the Bank of England in London. Sometime after his arrival in Utah, he became acquainted with Moses Thatcher of the Thatcher Brothers Bank in Logan when it opened. Later he moved to Butte, Montana, where he engaged in the law profession until he died, 15 Dec 1915, and he was buried there.