Ezra T. Benson (1811–1869)

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(This group of letters is related to Ezra’s 1846 mission to Massachusetts. They include details of preaching, fundraising for the Nauvoo Temple, Church growth, emigration, problems with apostates and a small group of corrupt missionaries, and personal business for Brigham Young.) 


(This group of letters deals with the last days of Nauvoo, the emigration to Iowa, Ezra’s call to be an Apostle, and a trip east he made as one of his first assignments.) 


(The first of this group of letters, with a journal excerpt thrown in, give details of Ezra’s 1847–48 fundraising mission to the Eastern States. The others deal with his activities presiding with Orson Hyde and George A. Smith over the Saints in Iowa in 1848 and preparing the Iowa Saints to gather to Utah. Many of Ezra’s letters from this period are co-written with George A. Smith.) 


(This group of letters deal with Ezra’s second year of presiding in Iowa with George A. Smith, with final preparations for leading the Saints there to Utah, as well as the trip across the plains. Several are co-written with Orson Hyde and/or George A. Smith.) 


(Conditions in pioneer Utah) 


(These letters deal with Ezra’s mission in 1851–52 to gather up the remaining Saints in Iowa and lead them to Utah.) 


(These letters deal with the second part of Ezra’s 1851–52 mission to gather the Saints in Iowa and lead them to Utah.) 

1852 (post mission) 

(Report on a mission to Fillmore) 


(These letters relate to Ezra’s out-and-back trip to take over Orson Pratt’s wagon train in Nebraska and assume the presidency of the Saints on the trail; also a missionary trip to Utah Valley.) 


(These letters give details of a series of missionary tours Ezra made around Utah.) 


(Letters related to Ezra’s 1856–57 mission to the British Isles, with a tour of Scandinavia. Ezra served as counselor to Orson Pratt, and some of the letters are co-written with him.) 


(Letters related to Ezra’s mission to England and early return home due to the Utah War.) 


(Letters related to the settlement of Cache Valley) 


(More letters from Cache Valley.) 


(Letters related to Ezra’s mission to Hawaii to deal with the Gibson affair.) 


(Early Cache Valley) 

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